NTCA Competitions

Purpose and Objectives of NTCA Competition Rules Document

The NTCA operates under the broad governance of the Australian Calisthenics Federation (ACF), using the ACF’s competition rules, including the flexible rules which have been adjusted to reflect the unique nature of calisthenics and life in the NT. The flexible rules have been deemed appropriate by a representative sub-committee of the Northern Territory Calisthenics community, in consultation with all clubs and their representatives.

This document is the full and complete set of competition rules that all NTCA Competitions, Coaches and Competitors must adhere to.

The flexible rules, specifically tailored to suit the needs and requirements of calisthenics in the NT are in blue copy to ensure they are easily identifiable, however all rules are relevant and to be adhered to.

This document will be reviewed annually by the NTCA Competition Rules Sub-Committee, to include a minimum of:

  • NTCA President/Executive Member
  • Competition Secretary
  • Coach Coordinator; and a
  • Representative from each club/college.

Principles of the Rules include:

  • Safety Measures
  • Professionalism
  • Participation – maintenance and growth; and
  • To maintain the uniqueness and creativity in calisthenics


Download the relevant following competition rules: