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Time Limits


Core Items 1:30-2:30mins
Fancy Items 2:00-3:00mins
Solo & Duo Items 1:30-2:30mins


Core Items 2:00-3:00mins
Fancy Items 2:30-3:30mins
Solo & Duo Items 2:00-3:00mins


Core Items 2:30-3:30mins
Fancy Items 3:00-4:00mins
Solo & Duo Items 2:30-3:30mins


All Items 2:30-3:30mins


Coaches Resources

NTCA Competition Rules

The NTCA operates under the broad governance of the Australian Calisthenics Federation (ACF), using the ACF’s competition rules, including the flexible rules which have been adjusted to reflect the unique nature of calisthenics and life in the NT. The flexible rules have been deemed appropriate by a representative sub-committee of the Northern Territory Calisthenics community, in consultation with all clubs and their representatives.

This document is the full and complete set of competition rules that all NTCA Competitions, Coaches and Competitors must adhere to.

The flexible rules, specifically tailored to suit the needs and requirements of calisthenics in the NT are in blue copy to ensure they are easily identifiable, however all rules are relevant and to be adhered to.

Principles of the Rules include:

  • Safety Measures

  • Professionalism

  • Participation – maintenance and growth; and

  • To maintain the uniqueness and creativity in calisthenics

Download the relevant following competition rules:

Stage Make-Up Guidelines

Stage make-up is necessary in calisthenics to highlight facial features under lights on a stage.

However, make-up applied inappropriately on children’s faces can de-grade the sport, make the children look ugly on the stage and be off putting to parents. Parents today do not like to see their children being made up as dolls and generally prefer their children to look natural. Therefore we need to be careful when applying make-up to achieve both objectives.

Samantha Ince, professional make-up artist and Calisthenic coach has applied make-up in a more modern format to participants of various age groups.  The look is soft yet defining.

The Stage and Makeup Guidelines developed by CVI (2011), present easy practical tips on applying stage make-up and NTCA recommends their use by all clubs and coaches.

Competition Preparations

The NTCA have developed a Competition Preparation Checklist for parents to support their children as they prepare for Competitions.

All Affilliated Clubs and Coaches will have different expectations of their Team Members, however the NTCA encourage Coaches to download the checklist as a basic guide for parents and adapt it to include specific information relating to your Club such as location and times Team Members are required for Hair and Makeup, Costume requirements etc.


The NTCA are committed to supporting our Affiliated Clubs and Coaches, so if you have any information regarding suppliers of fabrics, sequins, hair and make up accessories etc, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the NTCA Secretary via email

Please find the links to fabulous on line suppliers of a great range of fabric and sequins

And dont forget to visit Tina at Dance World - she has a large range of dance shoes, leotards, tights, aesthetic skirts and a huge range of costumes

RODS & CLUBS - The NTCA use Dance FX for clubs and rod supplies