About Calisthenics

Calisthenics NT

The Northern Territory Calisthenics Association was founded in 1983 and manages all programs for the encouragement, development and promotion of calisthenics for all participants and clubs.

The Northern Territory Calisthenics Association is the governing body of Calisthenics in the NT and the objects of the association include:-

  • Promotion of personal and social development, team spirit and physical well being amongst participating members and clubs
  • To promote participation by individuals and teams for calisthenic competitions and championships at all levels including local, state and national;
  • To co-ordinate, assist and facilitate all calisthenic activities,  programs, competitions, championships and events in the Northern Territory;
  • To co-ordinate and facilitate the training and development of coaches through coaching development programs in accordance with the policies of the Australian Calisthenics Federation
  • To encourage and promote the development of Calisthenics skills in participants through skills programs.
  • To co-ordinate and facilitate  participation in development programs and other activities sponsored by the Australian Calisthenic Federation to the benefit of calisthenics in the Northern Territory

What Is Calisthenics?

The name Calisthenics comes from the Greek words 'kallos' for beauty and 'sthenos' for strength. While this is the basic aim of the sport, the social aspect, and the confidence and self esteem building of its participants is considered to be just as important.

Calisthenics is widely practiced in Australia and is recognised as a fun and healthy way to keep fit for children of all ages. It is a uniquely Australian sport which requires discipline of mind and body, team work, a competitive spirit and a sense of responsibility.

Calisthenics, is the combination of Gymnastics, Ballet, Folk Dance, Jazz Ballet, Apparatus (Clubs and Rods), Figure Marching, Mime and Singing, Its assets are many, involving many thousands of young children across the country, improving their health and deportment and widening their musical knowledge. They are learning to appreciate the cultures of other ethnic groups and are adding to their skills by the use of apparatus, enjoying the mental and physical stimulation of a figure march and the discipline of working as part of a team.

Calisthenics is performed on a stage and therefore requires detailed choreography under limited space conditions. In addition to the team events there are also solo activities known as Graceful Calisthenics Solo, Calisthenics Solo, and Calisthenics Duos. The Graceful Solos is designed to enhance the competitor's poise and grace, flexibility, musical interpretation and dance technique. Thus the trained calisthenics competitor has a wide repertoire, but more importantly has developed self discipline, self confidence, poise and grace, while enjoying a healthy sport under organised conditions.


is what it is all about. A team of at least 8, working as one in every way. Every leg height, every head angle, the placement of all positions are executed in a manner that makes a team of many look like one person. Therefore timing is critical to a performance. Team members learn from the earliest days that they have to work as one and that without team-work they will not be successful. This is an important 'life' attitude to have developed as children.