2017 Solo Championships

NTCA 2017 Graceful, Duo and Solo Championships

On Saturday 20th May 2017 the NTCA hosted the 2017 Graceful, Duo and Solo chamionships at the Darwin Entertainment Centre. A day filled with excitement, grace and character we are very proud to give our participants the opportunity to perform in these specialised items. 

We'd like to thank Jan Arnold from WA for adjudicating the competition all day and to all of the NTCA Volunteers who made the day such a success.

Congratulations to each participant who competed at the 2017 Championships and to the Individuals who have now been invited to advance to the ACF Nationals held in Sydney in July.

The following is the results from the competition

Sub-Junior Graceful Solo

2nd - Gabriella Reisinger

1st - Addison Burke

Junior Graceful Solo

HC - Sophie Cook

HM - Emma Secrett

3rd - Shauna Alves

2nd - Maria Hilas

1st - Charlotte Reisinger

Intermediate Graceful Solo

HC - Chloe Olajos

HM - Kristine O'Meara

3rd - Jordon Ormsby

2nd - Sari Wenck

1st - Ruby Michael

Senior Graceful Solo

HM - Ashley Barrett-Campos

3rd - Tullalah Ormsby

2nd - Jazlyn Goldsworthy

1st - Caitlin Hughes


Sub-Junior Duo

2nd - Charlotte Ballantyne & Chloe Fleming

1st - Addison Burke & Niamh Salter

Intermediate Duo

3rd - Molly Morgan & Lara Penney

2nd - Lucy Mayo & Ella Wheeler

1st - Kristine O'Meara & Sari Wenck


Sub-Junior Solo

HM - Isabelle Townsend

3rd - Teagan Kapitula

2nd - Piper Hatton

1st - Addison Burke

Junior Solo

HC - Indah Wheeler

HM - Shauna Alves

3rd - Dana Batista

2nd - Alyssa Ting

1st - Tahlia Olajos

Intermediate Solo

2nd - Shaquille Holloway

1st - Chloe Olajos

Senior Solo

3rd - Ashley Barrett-Campos

2nd - Jazlyn Goldsworthy

1st - Caitlin Hughes


On behalf of the NTCA we'd like to Congratulate Cailtin Hughes of Dream Calisthenics Dance Club on receiving the 2017 Individual Highest Achiever Award for her Graceful Solo, coached by Bronwyn Moore.